Participants also obtain valuable insights from extensive interaction with their counterparts from other organizations on developments on management concepts and its applicability in the new global context.

Traditional Management hierarchies are crumbling as more dispersed and virtual organizations become the norm. Global markets & supply sources are affecting every organization, irrespective of size across industries. The intellectual content of work is changing dramatically. Organizations are striving to improve on their reaction time, the quality of products/services, and their real cost in response to intense competitive pressure; managing horizontally across all the organizational functions is demanding new skills. The needs of all stakeholders-employees, customers, suppliers, government, the community and the environment, are affecting business decisions. ICPFM is responding to these requirements by preparing contract manager, project managers or facility managers for the accelerating impact of technology on business and the changes in the competitive environment.

Executive education programmes are designed for honing the skills of executives and organizations.
The Executive Education Programmes comprise:

Open Programmes are anchored on faculty research and expertise across various disciplines of management and draw participants from different organisations. This consists of both short and long duration programmes.
In-House- Training/Customized Programmes offered by the Institute are designed/customized to meet the specific needs of organizations. Customized programmes offered by the Institute are designed to meet the specific needs of client organizations.
The Institute partners with client organizations, not only to disseminate state-of-art knowledge to all their managerial personnel through various customized programmes, but also in problem solving. One of the distinctive elements of the programmes we design and conduct for corporate partners is the Action Learning component. As a part of the programme, company personnel study live challenges confronted by the company and generate solutions under the guidance of the institute’s faculty. The purpose is to achieve both individual and organizational learning simultaneously and more importantly, to make things happen.

Our valued partners in customized programmes include corporations across industries and across levels. Topics listed under Open Programmes can also be customized to suit your requirements for a group of executives (middle & senior level).

International Programmes are offered for the benefit of global contract manager, project managers or facility managers, in collaboration with top international Business schools and universities.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) our continuing professional development (CPD) scheme is designed to be as flexible as possible. It takes into account the various sectors ICPFM members